Marshfield referendum could increase city taxes, pay for road reconstruction

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MARSHFIELD, Wis. (WSAW)-- The city of Marshfield will vote next week on a referendum that would increase city taxes to help pay for road reconstruction.

The referendum would increase your taxes by one dollar for every $1,000 your property is worth. If passed, it would remain in effect for the next five years.

Members of the Marshfield City Council told NewsChannel 7 the city is behind on road maintenance. They project five years of tax increases will raise the $6 million needed.

Alderman Ed Wagner proposed the referendum, and said asking taxpayers for more money is the only way out.

"If you add up all the linear footage of the streets that are rated at a four or below in Marshfield, it's 30.9 miles. And each year a few get added to that," Alderman Wagner said. That number comes from the scale used to quantify roads. It's from one to 10. Wagner said when the road gets down to four, it's time for maintenance.