Marshfield cuts ribbon to newly renovated YMCA

Published: Jul. 16, 2019 at 12:38 PM CDT
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A ribbon cutting will be held Tuesday to show off the newly renovated Marshfield Clinic Health System YMCA.

The renovation added 60,000 square feet to the facility adding a healthy living center, training center, fieldhouse, multi-generational community room, member lounge and welcome center to the gym. John Nystrom, CEO of the Marshfield Clinic Health System YMCA said the YMCA has been working with the community for a long time to finish this project.

"Years ago we started a process to help determine what the community needed. And then a group of enthusiastic community members went out and raised the funds to make the possible,” Nystrom explained.

Nystrom said that in an effort to help others with total health multiple social lounge areas were added as well.

"Many people turn to the YMCA not only for their wellness needs but for their social interaction. And so we wanted to create a nice welcoming space where people could sit and connect with others,” Nystrom said.

In addition to the renovation the YMCA has also teamed up with the Marshfield Clinic Health System, Wood County Head Start and Marshfield High School to provide after school programs, child care and a space for the alternative high school in Marshfield.

"Working with partners were all able to focus on what were good at and we can meet the needs of everybody who walks through the door,” Nystrom said.

With a little more wiggle room and new facilities Nystrom hopes the Marshfield YMCA can be a place to go for all your health need and meet need the YMCA might not have been able to help you with in the past.