Marshfield birth parents reunited, married after biological son reconnects them

Published: Sep. 7, 2018 at 9:31 PM CDT
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A Colorado man searching for his birth parents, never expected to officiate their wedding. This comes more than 30 years after he was placed up for adoption. His birth parents are from Loyal and now live in Marshfield.

When Martin Schmidt found out he was going to be a father in 2014, it inspired him to seek out his biological parents who had placed him up for adoption more than three decades prior. The Marshfield couple said their marriage has been a fairy tale come true, and it's all thanks to their son, Martin.

"When I was 15, Dave and I were dating and I got pregnant. Before I knew I was pregnant, Dave and I broke up. By the time that I knew I was pregnant, Dave was in another relationship and so there was no us getting back together again and I made the decision to put our son up for adoption," said Michele Newman, Martin's birth mother.

Michele Newman and Dave Lindgren never expected to reconnect or hear from their son. But one phone call in 2014 changed all that.

"Our first communication together was December 12, when Michele had texted me, and then we talked and texted a few times, and then we called, and we talked that night for hours," said Dave Lindgren, Martin's birth father.

But at the time, Newman was living in Hawaii and Lindgren remained in Wisconsin. That is, until he went to visit her.

"It worked out great, just from getting off the plane and walking down the airport stairs and seeing her standing down there I just smiled and I could just see in her eyes that I felt something," said Lindgren.

That something would lead to an engagement in 2015, just one year later.

"Miracles do happen. Somebody up there or out there figured out the timing for all this to come together," said Lindgren.

Not only did their biological son unknowingly do a little matchmaking, but he was able to officiate their wedding this past August.

"She's like oh, just joking around that we should have Martin marry us, and I'm like, really? And she's like yeah he's ordained, we're going to have to ask him. And I said well, regardless, we're going to make that happen," said Lindgren.

"He feels like this has just really brought a lot of families together, a lot more people together. You know Dave and I wouldn't be talking without him," said Newman. "From really sad decisions, tough decisions, a lot of good has come."

A son's quest to meet his birth parents, with a true fairy tale ending.

"It just felt like we didn't skip all those years," said Lindgren.

Both Lindgren and Newman said their relationship with Martin and Martin's family is strong, and they try to visit Colorado at least twice a year.

Martin and his family have also come to Wisconsin.