Marshfield church buys strip club

Published: Jul. 25, 2018 at 6:19 PM CDT
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On the south side of Marshfield, sits a 35-year-old business with a well-fitting name.

"They say where you from? Marshfield, Wisconsin? Have you been to the Rear End? Yeah! They know the Rear End better than they know the Marshfield Clinic I'll tell you that much,” said former Rear End Owner J.D. Koran.

But after all these years here, the strip club has closed its doors for good.

"This place was known whether you like it or not. But it was run right, and now it's time," Koran said.

After shutting down his business, Koran sold his property to someone with a different mission

"About six months ago the idea was floated our way about purchasing the Rear End and doing something good with it. It wasn't on the church's radar at all, but the idea was just crazy enough to where we needed to look into it,” said North Ridge Pastor Preston Tippen.

Even though their jobs are polar opposites, the relationship was natural.

"You know a pastor coming to a strip club owner, and we just hit it off. There was no attitude from him to me or vice versa. And we just hit on a common note. You know, I just want to see something good," Koran mentioned.

"So, honestly I think that when people hear a church bought a strip club, that's pretty shocking. People are like, wait why would that happen? And I think the big thing is even when I talk to J.D., the idea is restoration. How can we do something good, on probably the last place someone would expect it to see happen," Tippen said.

Koran hopes the changes are a blessing to the south side of Marshfield.

"This is 17 Acres, this is a wonderful piece of property on the south side of Marshfield. And I want to see something get developed on the south side for a change,” Koran added.

The church is still deciding what their plans for the property are.

"As of right now we have some teams meeting throwing out ideas, we actually have a work day this Saturday to help clean it up to make this space more usable for the community in the near and even far future,” Tippen said.

But for right now, J.D. is happy with the outcome of his business.

"That's what they are, just trying to do something good for people, so how can you go wrong with that?,” Koran said.