Marquette Poll: Voters know little about election challengers

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A new Marquette University poll shows most of the public does not have a clue about who the challenging Democrat and Republican primary candidates are.

"Undecided and unfamiliar with the fields," Director of the Marquette Law School Poll Charles Franklin said.

In the field of ten Democrats who want to be governor, 34 percent of primary voters tell Marquette pollsters they do not know who they will support.

State Superintendent Tony Evers is the clear front runner.

"Getting 25 percent in this poll. None of the other nine (candidates) is above seven percent," Franklin said.

As for the two Republicans vying for Baldwin's U.S. Senate seat, 30 percent do not know if businessman Kevin Nicholson or State Sen. Leah Vulkmir should face her.

For all the non-incumbent candidates, however, there is bad news. At least 60 percent of the public has no idea who they are.

“Because these candidates for the most part have not connected with voters and with the larger part of the electorate,” Franklin said.

Headed into any possible November matchup right now, the incumbents are in the lead. Baldwin is between nine and 11 points ahead of Vulkmir and Nicholson. While Walker is up anywhere from a five to eight points, no matter who he faces.

"So you see the campaign still has a long way to run with less than two months to the primary," Franklin said.

Franklin said if one of the challenging candidates makes themselves really stand out in the next couple months that could be a game changer.