Marathon hosts 29th summer snowmobile drag race circuit

MARATHON, Wis. (WSAW)-- In Marathon, the snow mobile season tends to come a bit early.

"This is a summer event that the Wausau trail mates put on for every year. They've been doing that for 29 years now," said race promoter and racer Willie Conklin Jr.

Even though the races bring on competition, the summer drag community is a tight knit group.

"It's pretty much just a big family once it's all done. We all hang out together afterwards just a comradery of just all the production sleds that are out here and we just have fun running against each other," said Conklin.

The tight-knit community is made up of younger and older members alike.

"You make a lot of friends and you get little pointer tips about what to do to change your sled so it goes faster. It's pretty cool," Racer Terah Soukup said.

"Having some fun, hopefully winning some races. Meeting new people, it's just fun in general," racer Dillin Christophersen added.

Going forward promoters are hoping to recruit younger racers.

"We've been really promoting on the little kids for coming out here and supporting them and getting them involved in it," Conklin said.

"The more fun that you can make it for them, the longer the sport will last. They're going to have fun for many years, maybe their kids. That’s how I got started that's how they get started you know? It's just fun for them and parents too,” Christophersen mentioned.