Marathon County supervisor resigns from park commission

Published: Aug. 12, 2019 at 4:30 PM CDT
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Marathon County Board Supervisor Jacob Langenhahn resigned from his appointed position on the Marathon County Park Commission after some controversy.

Fellow park commission member and Wausau alderman Pat Peckham took issue with Langenhahn missing meetings. The last record showing Langenhahn in attendance at a park commission meeting was on June 5, 2018. In July Peckham emailed county officials pointing out Langenhahn's absences and asked for his resignation.

"It would seem to me that if you miss 10 consecutive meetings, you have effectively resigned," said Peckham in one of the emails.

Langenhahn responded by announcing his resignation from the park commission on Friday.

In a statement sent to NewsChannel 7, Langenhahn explained that his meeting absences stem from a scheduling conflict. Park commission meetings are held once a month at 2 p.m. Langenhahn said he works until 3 p.m. and cannot attend the meetings as scheduled. He says he's asked the commission to reconsider its meeting time. Langenhahn says his meeting attendance on other committees he serves is near perfect because the meeting times fall outside his work obligations.

Langenhahn says he decided to resign after Peckham's comments to county officials.

"I have moved on since my resignation, and I will continue to be the best County Board Supervisor that I can be," said Langenhahn.