Marathon County pet owners receive free Rabies vaccinations for pets

MARATHON COUNTY (WSAW) -- On Saturday pet owners were able to bring their dogs and cats to the Humane Society of Marathon County to make sure they are up to date with their 2019 vaccinations.

Through the Paws and Protect event free rabies vaccinations were given to the first 200 animals with the purchase of a license. Pet owners were also offered $10 microchips, which helps the Humane Society identify lost pets.

“Rabies is a 100-percent fatal disease,” explained Ashlee Bishop, the Humane Officer for both the City of Wausau and Everest Metro Police Department. “We need to make sure that pets are vaccinated so if they bite someone or is bitten by another animal we can prevent spreading the disease.”

Residents from the Wausau, Weston, and Schofield area were able to participate. The Wausau and Everest Metro Police Department says fines will triple after March 31st if they are not up to date with their vaccinations.

Another Paws and Protect event is scheduled for March 23rd at the Marathon County Humane Society.