Marathon County Historical Society offers tours on your phone

 Marathon County Historical Society. 6-19-20.
Marathon County Historical Society. 6-19-20. (WSAW)
Published: Jun. 19, 2020 at 7:39 PM CDT
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Have you ever walked around downtown Wausau wondering about the history of the 400 Block or city hall? Now, there is a way to take a tour on your phone for free via the Vamonde app.

“You download the app and make an account, and it’s free,” Marathon County Historical Society archivist Ben Clark. “You can also go on their website.”

The Marathon County Historical Society has been doing Wausau tours for years, but it felt going digital would help increase exposure.

“A brochure has a very limited amount of space, so if you want to tell a story if you want to have pictures, those sorts of things, you can only fit so much in there. Using smartphones, you can have sort of more information.”

The idea of using a digital format came before the pandemic.

“This was something that we were working on,” Clark said. “A year or two ago we came up with the idea. Ultimately, this kind of worked out.”

The tours span from Marathon Park to downtown Wausau, but Marathon County Historical Society archivist Ben Clark tried to make each tour easily maneuverable.

“We tried to put them so that they’re not too far so that you could take a reasonable walk and hit a lot of them,” Clark said.

Eventually, the hope is to expand even more.

“You know have an entry for all of the parks, so you can go out and experience all of those,” Clark said.

Clark said that since it's the 100th year of the Wausau parks, they tried to unveil park tours this year, but the pandemic set them back on that front.

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