Marathon Co. Board denies motion, keeps June as Pride Month

Published: Jul. 23, 2019 at 11:22 PM CDT
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After hours of debate Tuesday night, the Marathon County board denied a motion to reconsider the June Pride Month resolution the board passed in June.

Dozens of community members filled the meeting after one board member had asked the committee to reconsider the resolution.

According to the agenda, that board member was Gary Beastrom, who had voted in favor of the resolution during the previous meeting. Beastrom said during the meeting that he originally voted with his heart, but after listening to more constituents he felt the need to vote for those who elected him.

"My phone has been ringing off the hook at home and I have received numerous emails and for that reason, I made the motion to reconsider my vote," said Beastrom who represents the 34th District.

In June, the board passed the resolution 20-15. Hours before that meeting, a substitute resolution was proposed by the County Board Chair, Kurt Gibbs, to declare the month of June as “Diversity and Inclusivity Month,” instead of “Pride Month.” After several rounds of debates and motions, Gibbs substitute resolution was eventually rejected.

After Tuesday's meeting, they voted 20-17 to keep June Pride Month in Marathon County indefinitely.

"I am not pleased that we had to have the reconsideration before us," said County Board member, Katie Rosenberg, who represents District 1 and is also a Mayoral candidate for the City of Wausau. "I thought that we hashed this all out last month, but since this is a democracy, this is allowable."

Beastrom says the issue is now over and he doesn't plan on pursuing the Pride Month Resolution debate any further after changing his vote.