Man accused of starving calves to the point of death in Adams County


ADAMS, Wis. (WSAW) -- Prosecutors have filed nine counts against a 60-year-old man related to the neglect of calves.

Raymond Conboy, of Lake Geneva, is expected to make his first court appearance Dec. 10.

According to court documents, Conboy had been keeping the animals on a property in the Town of Lincoln. The landowner, Matthew Arhendt reported Conboy was not regularly feeding the animals. Arhendt said he had already removed dead calves from the calf enclosure. A deputy reported on July 12, eight calves appeared to be severely malnourished. According to court documents, the calves had visible bones and were lethargic. One of the calves had flies covering its eyes, ears and nose; more so than any other. The calf died while deputies were at the property. The deputy also reported remains of where calves died and began to decompose. The deputy said there were buckets of whole kernel corn – but Arhendt said that isn’t appropriate food for calves.

Nicholas Arhendt showed the deputy an eight-month-old bull that was tied to a tree. The deputy said there wasn’t any food in the bull’s reach and it appeared the bull had been eating tree bark.

Matthew Arhendt told the deputy Conboy would purchase calves for $25 with the hopes of selling them for $75-$100. Matthew Arhendt said Conboy would have calves delivered to the property and would not come check on them.

Matthew Arhendt said he told Conboy numerous times calves that age need to be checked on three times a day.

Both Matthew and Nicholas Arhendt said Conboy would become angry if they attempted to intervene in the care of his animals.

Matthew Arhendt told the deputy Conboy had eight calves, one bull, three chickens, one duck, three pigs and one rabbit at the property. He said for the first couple months, Conboy would come to the property two-three times a day to provide the animals care.

During a visit to the property on July 14, investigators said another calf died. Another calf died on July 18.

Prosecutors are also charging Matthew Ahrendt and Nicholas Ahrendt for shooting Conboy’s dog. They said Conboy’s dog attacked their dog, rabbits and chickens. Deputies said Ahrendt's dog did not have injuries.