Madison land sold for floodwater storage

Image is a still shot from video by WISC on Oct 15 2019
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MADISON, WIS. (WISC)-- Dane county is buying up land as a way to help mitigate flooding issues.

Some of that land was owned by the Koch family. They bought it in the 1960's to grow more feed for their cattle.

That land flooded after heavy rains in 2008 and 2009, and hasn't been farmable since. So, the Koch's are selling that land to the county.

"We're a large county and what happens in the rural areas impacts the urban areas, and what happens in the urban areas, impacts the rural areas," said Joe Parisi, Dane County Executive.

Parisi says that chunk of land will divert and store some 13-million gallons of water that would otherwise flood the area.

Dane County is paying $779,000 for the land. A resolution to approve the purchase will be discussed at Thursday's county board meeting.