Local veteran gets at-home spa to help heal the wounds from battle

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KRONENWETTER, Wis. (WSAW) -- A local veteran is getting the chance to not only relax, but help heal some of the wounds from battle with an at-home spa.

Sergeant John Bentley served in the United States Marine Corps. While on deployment, his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb, leaving him with multiple injuries.

He received a Purple Heart and has been medically retired from the U.S. Marine Corps. With the help of a Chippewa spa company and the 'Wish for Our Heroes' Foundation, Bentley is getting his own spa free of charge to help with his healing.

"This is going to give John not only the, you know, the body/back therapy that he really needs, but it's going to give us a, you know, a chance, an area to connect again as a family. And just kind of unwind.
He had a lot of injuries, you know, to his, his spine and his back," said Amber Bentley, John's wife.

"I certainly want to say thank you to all of the veterans out there who have served in whatever capacity that is because, again, we are extremely thankful for the freedoms we have," said Dora Wood with Home Oasis Pools & Spas.

The company took care of everything from finding a dealer to onsite checks and delivery and the foundation helps cover some of the costs.