Local vendor representing Wisconsin at Balloon and Rib Fest

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) - A local catering and food truck business is taking on the big dogs at this year’s Balloon and Rib Fest.

Urban Street Bistro has been in business for seven years, but this will be their first year selling at the Balloon and Rib Fest in Wausau. Owner Clint Schultz says it’s been a long process to get to this point.

“People have wanted a local vendor for a lot of years,” said Schultz.

“We’ve been working up to get our equipment and our process set, and we are thrilled to be here and in this process.”

Schultz and his crew will go up against rib vendors from all over the nation, including Texas, Illinois and Ohio.

“These guys compete nationally, so that’s pretty awesome,” Schultz added.

According to Schultz, most of the events that Urban Street Bistro attends are within a two-hour radius of Wausau, however, depending on how they do at their hometown festival that may change.

“You never know- after doing this event you have enough street cred where you can sign up for some of the other events and you’d probably have a sporting chance of getting in.”

Schultz added that it is special to be the only vendor from central Wisconsin at the festival.

“It means a lot. We made a pretty good case for our position to be here,” he added.

Balloon and Rib Fest continues at the Wausau Downtown Airport throughout the weekend.