Local teen girl makes history on the mat

WAUSAU, Wis (WSAW) A local teenage girl from Wausau is making history all by showing off her strength on the wrestling mat.

Josie Bartishofski, 17, became the first female wrestler in Wisconsin to win a regional title in her division. Bartishofski now lives in River Falls with her host family as she trains with her national coach during the school year.

“I don’t look at the title,” said Bartishofski. “I just went and wrestled how I would normally do and just got things done,” she added.

Since first-grade Bartishofski fell in love with the sport of wrestling after being inspired by her father.

“I use to watch old videos of my dad wrestling from when he was in high school,” she explained.

Bartishofski is one of three individual champions from her division one high school claiming the 106-pound weight class title. She hopes to inspire other young girls to get involved and not be intimidated in the male-driven sport.

"Sometimes it's hard for girls to find opportunities so they choose to wrestle guys. I would just tell them that they should be confident. Even though they are wrestling guys that they can accomplish anything they put their mind too. "

Bartishofski is now getting ready to compete in team sectionals this upcoming week at Wausau East High School.