Local skaters compete in Badger State Games

Around 25 skaters gathered to try their hand in Olympic-style skateboarding at the Badger State Games.

Members of the tight-knit local skating community shred the sidewalks in downtown Wausau Sunday. The games let amateurs go for the gold in a variety of events around Wisconsin following the style of the Olympic games.

"I've been coming since the first one, I've placed in all three so far. It's always just a lot of fun to come out here and skate with all the guys and everybody and just kind of see what everybody can do," said skating competitor Tyler Dunn.

This is the fourth year of the Badger State Games competition where skaters will compete to land the most tricks for a chance to win prizes from the Central Board Shop.

"So skaters, we'll throw all their names together in a jar, and then we'll pick them, fill out the brackets, and then they'll go head to head against each other," said Central Board Shop owner Jon Kurth.

And spectators can expect to see some pretty gnarly tricks.

"Regular things from like a kick flip and a pop shove it, to switch tray flips, hard flips, all kinds of different variations," said Kurth.

Medalists in Sunday's games will have a chance to compete in the State Games of America.