Local school district adds locally grown fruits and vegetables to school menu

Published: Feb. 1, 2018 at 4:43 PM CST
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The DC Everest School District in Weston added healthier food options to their lunch program, and for the first time ever they're using fresh organic fruits and vegetables from farms in our area.

Laticia Baudhuin is the Nutrition Specialist for the district, she said the goal is to promote a healthier lifestyle in their students, while teaching the importance of shopping local.

"We are really here to feed keeps healthy food so they can learn. I mean we wouldn't exist here at the school district if students really didn't need a solid meal so they can go to class and stay focused and learn better," said Baudhuim.

During the summer of 2017 the district started participating in the states Farm to School Program, that's how the district got connected with local farms and started adding their products to the menu.

"This month for example we are having a baked potato bar at our high school and it happens to be a local farm in Antigo, Wisconsin called Igle Farms," said Baudhuim. We are really trying as a whole school community to get the kids more interested and focused on wholesome fresh foods and recognizing different foods."

The district also created a Facebook page to promote the changes and also receive feedback from students and their parents about what they would like to see added to the menu.