Mom creates parenting website exclusive to the Wausau area

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WESTON, Wis. (WSAW) Cheryl Wolken is seeking to improve the quality of family life in the Greater Wausau Region. Her website, Wausau Mama, is an aggregate-type website.

A Pew Research Study shows 75 percent of parents are already using social media and the internet for parenting-related information and support.

The website is a compilation of events and information. Wolken has also published parental advice blog posts and interviews with moms from around the region.

She got the idea for when she, her husband, and their 10-month-old daughter moved to Weston five years ago. She said she spent hours trying to find activities for the family and just trying to learn about the area.

Wolken recalled her search got easier when she joined the Moms Club of Wausau. It was there she found inspiration and support from its members, but Wolken quickly realized there are a lot of moms who don't have time to become part of a group or the ability to meet in person regularly to attend the meetings.

"I kind of came up with the idea of doing a website for parents because I had struggled to find those resources and I kind of knew where to look for things. So I thought why not put it all in one place?," she said. has been running for more than a year now and continues to grow. To visit Wolken's website go to: or follow Wausau Mama on Facebook.