Local farmers help out fellow farmers in need in Nebraska

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EDGAR, Wis. (WSAW) -- The devastation in Nebraska has inspired area farmers to help out by sending them some much needed hay.

Steve Kloos saw the devastation in Nebraska first hand when he got stuck down there last week. "All the roads were out and the flooding was going on and I sat down there for a day. When I was finally able to leave crossing some of the fields that should've been fields were lakes," explained Kloos.

When Kloos finally got back to Wisconsin he decided to help, "So I sent out some text messages to friends mostly farmers in the area and within an hour we had a load of hay ready. Within two hours we had two loads of hay and there's another truck coming."

Kevin Iczkowski is one of those local farmers that answered the call. "There is no hay in Marathon County to be had and if there is it is very expansive. Steve Kloos got on the phone and filled a semi. It's very very humbling," Iczkowski explained.

These farmers will start the nine hour drive to Nebraska once the trucks are loaded up with hay. "Some of the best people you know live out there so if we can lend a helping hand because if we had the same issue here we would have Nebraska trucks heading here," said Kloos.

Getting the hay there isn't necessarily the problem, the trick is getting it to the animals in the middle of flood zones. Right now farmers are using air boats to get to some of the most flooded areas.