Local boy gives his Wii to officers after Weston shooting

Published: Mar. 26, 2017 at 9:22 PM CDT
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While community members are looking to help local law enforcement and the families of the 4 victims killed during Wednesdays shooting in Weston, seven-year-old Brady Duke has given up his most prized possession to the men in blue.

This big brother enjoys reading with his family and playing with his favorite Packers football, but, you wont find Brady inside playing video games. That's not because he doesn't like them, but because he gave his Wii to the Wausau Police Department

"I knew I had to do something because their police brother died," Brady duke said.

Brady wrote a letter to the Wausau Police Department expressing his desire to help before giving his gaming system to officers he knew needed it most.

"My Wii was my most favorite thing to do," Brady said. "Especially Mario Kart and Lego Star Wars," Brady said.

A game, Wausau's Deputy Chief Ben Bliven said some of the officers are enjoying the game. The Wii is set up at the department and it's meant to help officers.

"We're encouraging our officers to come in, take a break and de-stress," Deputy Chief Bliven said.

Detective Jason Weiland was killed while responding to the shooting in Weston. He spent 18 years in law enforcement, all in the Wausau area and his last 15 years with Everest Metro,

"I felt sad because I didn't want somebody to die that was somebody that protected a city," Brady said.

Deputy Chief Bliven said while the community out pour is unbelievable, this young boy's compassion is meaningful.

"Brady made a special impact here. We are really grateful for him," Deputy Chief Bliven said.

Something Brady hopes makes these tough days better.

"They had a police brother that died and I just wanted to make them happy," Brady said.