Local artist helps commemorate special occasion for UWSP

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STEVENS POINT, Wis. (WSAW)-- Jef Schobert's work is widely known throughout Central Wisconsin.

"I call myself a poet, but everyone else to think I'm a sculptor," Schobert said with a laugh.

Schobert has been creating poetry since the mid-70's.

"I'm a huge fan of Jef'," said Nicole Pare, Marketing and Communications Manager for Advancement. "I've seen him featured a couple times. And I thought, you know what, why not ask him to see if he'll come and help us honor the 125th anniversary of UW-Stevens Point."

With a fresh batch of snow, Schobert decided why not? So he's recreating the original building on campus, Old Main, with the number 125.

"Down here will be books," Schobert says, describing what the final product will look like. "This will say the Class of 1894 to the Class of 2019. You know, this building has been around a long time."

The location is fitting.

"This used to be the place where people would carve snow for the University. Right here. They had competitions of it back in the 70's," he recalled.

As the University prepares to celebrate its 125th anniversary, the coming together of the school and the Stevens Point native to create this sculpture epitomizes the relationship between the community and the school.

"They feed off one another and I don't think they'd be successful without the other" said Pare. "I think its so cool to have a partnership with someone in the community now, bringing that to the front lawn of Old Main."

Facing the south, the sun won't let it last long.

"This is going to, probably in the next two days or so, you'll see melting happening, even though its below zero," said Schobert.

But it will last forever in UWSP history.

"Take a picture of it," he said, with a laugh.

A poem for the ages.

Schobert says he treats his scupltures in phases. Three hours to gather the snow, three hours to carve it.

For more information on UW-Stevens Point's plans to celebrate 125 years, there's a link attached to the story.