Local rally hopes to shine light on immigration policy

Published: Jul. 12, 2019 at 9:20 PM CDT
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With the Trump administration announcing that immigration raids throughout the nation are set to take place this weekend, rallies across the nation and the world were held Friday trying to shine a light on the issues that people have with the current immigration policy in the United States.

One of those Lights for Liberty rallies was held in Wausau. With several people in attendance, the group listened to speakers and lit candles before making their way to Woodson Park to share their message with all who drove by.

One of the organizers for the Wausau rally, Lisa Ort-Sondergard shared her thoughts.

“It’s important that the guy in the White House knows that the people here in central Wisconsin see what he is doing, and we don’t like it. We think brown children matter, and we don’t think they should be caged like animals,” she said.

NewsChannel 7 reached out to Congressman Sean Duffy on the issue of immigration. He shared this statement,

“I remember when all of the Democrats were saying that it’s a “manufactured crisis” and now you have AOC comparing the detention centers to concentration camps. I’m glad that Congress and the White House were able to secure more funding to provide resources to the unaccompanied children but in order to correct this problem, we need to take away the incentives for people coming to our border illegally. Offering free healthcare to illegal immigrants, as many Democratic Presidential Candidates have openly supported, will make this humanitarian crisis even worse.”

Congressman Duffy added to that by stating, “ICE Agents are simply doing their jobs. These people came here illegally, they broke our laws, and it is unfair to the many legal immigrants that waited in line to come here and live the American dream.”