Athens couple helping community through farming

ATHENS, Wis. (WSAW) - Both Stacey and Tenzin, grew up right here in north central Wisconsin, but it took them moving away for school, and traveling for work to understand their greatest impact, could be made in Marathon County.

Stacey Botsford says she really started thinking about what is important and why people do the things they do and who is happy in the world. and in their travels they always found that people who were really connected to community, who were doing good work and are close to the land, seemed like the happiest people.

Six years ago, they took a chance, bought some land, and taught themselves how to farm. Not just to feed themselves, but their neighbors.

Stacey says its a really cool way of being able to support local farms and let them feed their community.

Their CSA program started five years ago, and offers members who buy a share - twenty weeks of produce in the summer or eight weeks in the winter. Some varieties of things that might make you branch out.

Stacey says they do a lot of things to help people, including teaching them how to cook the food, store and process it.

The Red Door Family Farm currently has 137 members. Members say the couple provides recipes and cooking ideas.

Now with two new little farmers helping out, the Botsford's goals to be close to the land and providing for their community have come full circle.