Local activist recognized by Gov. Evers for efforts to get undocumented immigrants ID cards, driver's licenses

A local activist for the Hispanic community says it was an honor to be a guest of Governor Tony Evers during Thursday night's budget address.

Tony Gonzalez says he feels validated in his effort to make sure undocumented immigrants are able to get ID cards and driver's licenses. He said it's important for those undocumented working immigrants to have those things, especially in places where there's limited access to public transportation in rural, farming communities.

"This is just a document that will put the ease on the roads, perhaps bring some money also from people who register, bring commuters like you and I on the road understanding and feeling of safety that the guy next to us or the person next to us is insured, knows how to drive, knows the rules of the road," said Gonzalez.

He added that there are valid concerns about safety and security and if it's passed the process will be done in a way that makes the community comfortable.