Lawmaker 'slamming the brakes' on proposal that could prohibit some tailgating

Published: Mar. 9, 2018 at 9:04 PM CST
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A state lawmaker says he's "slamming the brakes" on a bill that would have expanded hours for wineries - in part because it could have outlawed some tailgating parties.

Republican Rep. John Jygren was the author of the bill.

Right now, wineries can only be open until 9 p.m. and the bill would have extended hours until midnight. An amendment added in the committee before the bill passed the Assembly, however, created a new provision that prohibited drinking alcohol on some private property.

Rep. Nygren said it was a compromise between the Tavern League and wineries, and was meant to address rental venues like barns used for weddings. But he said he recently became aware last week that those changes could stop some tailgating around stadiums.

"Of course being a lifelong Packers fan, a season ticket holder living real close to Lambeau, there is no interest in us trying to regulate or make tailgating illegal," Nygren said. "But that just goes to show you how liquor, law enforcement, and the liquor laws we have on the books already are."

The Senate can now consider the measure, but Nygren said given that the Assembly has completed their work for the year, he believes the issue will get shifted until next session.