Late spring weather is setting farmers behind schedule

Published: May. 17, 2019 at 3:34 PM CDT
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Farmers have been struggling to get into the fields with the recent stretch of rain and cooler weather.

"Being a farmer you have to be optimistic. It's basically every year sticking money in the big slot machine of agriculture and pulling the lever. Hopefully you get a return on your investment," explained owner of Weden Farms, Jordan Weden.

Famers in north central Wisconsin say that the late spring is to blame.

"It's all because of weather related problems. Farmers aren't able to get in the fields, aren't able to get corn planted or beans planted," National Farmer Union Vice President Patty Edelburg added.

"We've been getting large rainfall events-- an inch or better at a time. The cool weather, the spring isn't drying anything," Weden explained.

With the field being in such wet and messy conditions, some farmers are far behind their expected schedule.

"Typically, down here we're planting by the 25th of April. Yesterday was our first day down here. So we're about two and a half weeks behind," Weden said.

"Hopefully farmers are able to get in the field. Able to get manure hauled, corn planted, beans planted. But everything is set back a week or two," Edelburg explained.

Since farmers are starting so late, there could be effects seen later in the season.

"Since we're having a late spring, it could definitely affect the maturity rate as well. So it could cause problems in the end," Edelburg added.

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