Your Town Stratford: Kuyoth's Klassics

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STRATFORD, Wis. (WSAW) -- If there's one thing that spans generations and eras of this country, it's our love of classic cars. A business in Stratford is helping to keep classic cars from all those generations and eras on the road.

Chances are Kuyoth's Klassics have worked on your car if you're a fan of Ford Mustangs, Stingrays, or Porsches. It all got started for Troy Kuyoth when he was barely old enough to drive.

"Probably when I was in high school. I always had a love for old cars and started fixing them up as we could afford to," Kuyoth said, the owner of Kuyoth's Klassics.

It's just grown from there. His dad was a mechanic, and Troy started in the back half of that small business. Now, Kuyoth's Klassics buys, sells and works on every legendary make and model. They have 20 people on staff, and the cars are a little higher end then back in high school.

"We've sold numerous price range cars from a couple thousand dollars up to almost 7-figure cars."

At first they did some racing, too. But eventually decided to focus on this part of the automotive passion. Now, they're up to four buildings, autobody, mechanical repair and sales, with customers from well outside the Stratford village boundary.

"A lot of people fly in from all over the world," Troy said.

And many are surprised to find a world class business in a small town.

"When they come in, I always tell them our main attraction in town is a stop light, we finally got one."

Troy says car shows and his racing helped grow the business at first. Now, it's the internet that gets the word out. The sales and marketing manager works the computer to find and sell vehicles--any type of vehicle.

"The more I do this, the more I can just appreciate any well done car," Keith Hainz said, sales and marketing manager.

Keith says he just wants to see the business stay nice and steady in the future.