Knowing whether you're disinfecting properly

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WESTON, Wis. (WSAW) -- When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing your spaces to kill any viruses or bacteria that may be lurking on the surface, some cleaning experts say there are two important things you should know.

K-Tech Kleening and Restoration's president and general manager, Craig Kersemeier said they have gotten a lot of calls from businesses and organizations asking for estimates and asking what happens if they get a person with a positive case of coronavirus.

He said if they do come out to disinfect a space, much like when they clean medical and law enforcement units after incidents, they use a system that has hydrogen peroxide to sterilize the space without harming the surfaces and equipment in the room.

However, when it comes to people disinfecting their own homes or work spaces, he said people have good intentions, but often are not killing the viruses and bacteria they think they are.

"Do they have the proper kill claims for it," he said, meaning is the cleaning product actually killing the type of virus or bacteria you are looking to kill, like 'human coronavirus.'

"The second thing that's really misleading is a lot of them have contact time or dwell time that the surface needs to have that solution on there," he explained, "and a lot of times I see people spraying and wiping and some of these things need 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, even 20 minutes and so they're not giving time for the solution to really do its job."

All of this type of information, what it kills and how to use it properly, can be found in the fine print on the back of products. For a list of cleaning products that have that kill claim for coronavirus, see the Environmental Protection Agency's running list.