MLB says Josh Hader must go through sensitivity training after tweets surface

Published: Jul. 18, 2018 at 1:15 AM CDT
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Major League Baseball says Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Josh Hader will be required to go through sensitivity training after years-old racist and homophobic tweets of his resurfaced during the All-Star Game.

This comes after the Milwaukee Brewers released a statement about the offensive tweets.

The tweets from 2011 and 2012, containing racial slurs, homophobic remarks and hyper-sexualized comments, were brought back to life shortly after Hader gave up a 3-run home run to Jean Segura.

Brewers General Manager David Stearns issued this statement Wednesday morning about Hader's tweets:

“We have been in contact with Josh and he is fully aware of the severity of the situation related to his social media comments, regardless of the timeline of his posts. His comments are inexcusable, and he is taking full responsibility for the consequences of his actions. In no way do these sentiments reflect the views of the Brewers organization or our community.

“Those of us that have come to know Josh do not believe that these posts are representative of his beliefs. He has been a good teammate and contributor to the team in every way.

“We will continue to work through this issue with Josh as we prepare to resume games after the break.”

Major League Baseball announced that it will not suspend Hader, but will have to undergo sensitivity training.

Hader's account was quickly turned to private after the tweets were leaked.

Some of Hader's family removed his replica jersey while at the All-Star Game, according to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports.

Many of the tweets have since been deleted.

The 24-year old addressed the situation with the media after the game.

“It was something that happened when I was 17-years old," said Hader. "As a child, I was immature. I said some things that are inexcusable."

Hader was willing to accept any consequences that could come in the future.

Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain also talked to the media after the game. They stood by their teammate.

"The guy I know, he's a great guy," said Yelich. "A really kind heart."

"He was young," said Cain. "We all say crazy things when we're young. We'll move on from it. It is what it is. I know Hader. He is a great guy. I know he's a great teammate."