JoJo's Jungle gets $1M donation

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- A plan to build an all-inclusive playground called JoJo's Jungle took a big step forward Tuesday.

The group announced Tuesday that they got a $1 million gift from the B.a. & Ester Greenheck Foundation. This gave the project the boost it needed to move on to phase two. During that phase, the group will need to raise the remaining $1.4 million.

The playground is meant to place where children of any ability can play along with their friends and families.

It's all dedicated to Josiah "JoJo" Hoerter, who passed away just over a year ago from complication of a rare genetic condition.

"The thought of a child that can't walk or run, to be able to go on a zipline and feel like they're flying. Josiah would've loved that," said Josiah's mother Destiny Hoerter.

"We're bringing children with special needs and children with regular abilities together in the same play space. So, no matter what your disability may be or whatnot, you can play together with your friends and family," said Patrick Hoerter, Josiah's father.

When the playground is finished, it will be located near Brockmeyer Park on Wausau's westside.