JJ Watt drops in for Zoom call with UW-Madison Students

JJ Watt drops in on Zoom call with UW-Madison students (Source: via WMTV)
JJ Watt drops in on Zoom call with UW-Madison students (Source: via WMTV)(NBC15)
Published: May. 6, 2020 at 7:54 PM CDT
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One experience we likely all share during the quarantine is participating in a zoom video conference call. Whether with family, friends or for work, hate it or love it, you’ve likely done it.

Well what if you were on a zoom call with some of your friends when former University of Wisconsin star and current All-Pro Houston Texan, JJ Watt joined?

That’s exactly what happened for Sun Prairie native, Lane Gugger and his friends.

Watt tweeted out how he is dropping in on Zoom calls last Wednesday afternoon so Lane and his friends hopped on with hope the former All-American would join.

Gugger, who graduated from Sun Prairie High School in 2017 was skeptical about their chances

“One of my friends saw that JJ Watt tweeted out that he is getting on zoom meeting and I was like ‘It’s not going to happen’ then she Badgered us a little more to do it, then what do you know a minute after inviting JJ Watt, he on talking with us.”

“I was the administrator of the meeting so I had to let him in and I figured since I tweeted the code out to the public that it was going to be fake. I admitted him and what do you know, he’s there and I think it was like a minute of everyone freaking out before any actual words came out.”

Watt didn’t just stop in to say high, but after the starstruck former SPHS students calmed down, talked to them for what Gugger estimated to be six to seven minutes.

Even after some time passed, Watt asked if there were any more questions for him before leaving the chat.

“It shows his character.” Gugger said as he began to describe what that moment meant for his friends. “A lot of people like that are living above the clouds but he’s right down to Earth. It shows how good people can be and he’s such a great role model.”

“I wrote to JJ afterwards, I’m sure he’s never going to see it but I just wanted to say ‘Hey man that was such an uplifting thing. It’s a weird time right now in the world and we’re all getting through in different ways but the fact that he got on I think with 20 different zoom groups to talk is really kind of amazing.”

“I’m sure it made a lot of people’s days. I know it made my week.”

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