Mosinee Police working with Snapchat to find source of threatening photo

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MOSINEE, Wis. (WSAW)-- The Mosinee Police Department says a photo on Snapchat showing two weapons with the message 'Don't come to school Monday' prompted a soft lockdown at Mosinee Middle School.

Police Chief Ken Muelling tells NewsChannel said a student showed the message to a parent, which led to a soft lockdown while police investigated the message. Investigators have determined that the threat is non-credible and is working with Snapchat to find where the message originated.

The chief said they were able to determine who in Mosinee first shared the photo and discovered it had been copied from a person in Three Lakes.

The soft lockdown was lifted at 11 a.m. Interim Superintendent John Burnett said schools will have extra security at the entrances and exits, but school will proceed as normally scheduled. Dozens of parents removed their kids from school after news of the threat was shared through a school district messaging system.

Mosinee Middle School will have an increased security presence for the remainder of Monday, Burnett said parents preferring to pick their kids up from school early have every right to do so.

"I think with everything that's happening throughout the districts, you know, throughout this country, parents want to make sure their students are as safe as they can be, even though we're trying to assure them that we're doing everything that we can it's, it's normal for parents to want to make sure that their children are safe. And we totally understand why they may want to come in get those students and take them home," Burnett explained.

Burnett did not have an exact number, but said the day has not been 'business as usual' because of the number of students that have been picked up by their parents.