Ice warning for Shawano Lake

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SHAWANO, Wis. (WLUK)-- The Shawano County Sheriff's Office is warning that the ice on Shawano Lake is still not thick enough for people to travel on.

Ice began forming around the shoreline about three weeks ago.

Right now, there's still open water on the middle of the lake.

"We're only going out probably 40-50 yards out, and then once the ice conditions get better, then we'll start moving out," said Mark Phillips of Clintonville, who was preparing to head out.

With some fresh snow recently, it can also make it deceiving how thick some spots are.

"You're not going to know if one of them spots is froze over, say last night, well, that might only have a half an inch of ice on it," said Cory Kuhn, owner of Kuhn's Bait & Tackle Palace.

Before venturing out onto the ice, authorities say it's a good idea to check with local bait shops for up-to-date conditions.