Your Town Minocqua: Woodruff clinic to launch tick borne illness treatment center

Published: Jun. 8, 2018 at 10:22 AM CDT
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The Howard Young Medical Center in Woodruff is hoping to start a tick borne illness diagnosis and treatment center. It’s something that doesn’t exist within 1,200 miles of Wisconsin.

“We’re Ticked Off,”-- that’s the message from the Woman’s Legacy Council, a group that fundraises for programs and equipment at the Howard Young Medical Center.

"One of the things about tick-borne illnesses is the need for accurate testing. Without accurate testing, people don't even know they have it,” Howard Young Foundation President Erin Biertzer said. "They're suffering from different symptoms and it's often called doctor chasing because you're going around to different doctors in a very acute symptoms."

In the northwoods, ticks are plentiful making it easier to become sick due to a tick bite. That’s why the hospital groups launched a $3.5 million fundraising project to create the designated tick center.

"We're bringing the best....the best doctors, the best researchers, the tick center would actually be responsible not just for testing or diagnosis, but also treatment, follow-up and research,” Biertzer said.

The process of creating the center is just beginning, but the Howard Young Foundation is hoping it will help people from all over the country.

"We absolutely believe this is not just for our community, this is for the entire Midwest and in truth, probably the entire nation,” Cheryl Pitman with the Woman’s Legacy Council said.

That’s why the Women’s Legacy Council is hoping to begin work on the tick center by fall of 2018.

"We've partnered with Open Medicine Institute to bring something here that isn't within 1,200 miles,” Biertzer said.

to make a donation to the center.

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