Hotel chain urges families to disconnect through new program

(Fox News) -- Disconnecting could land your family a discount on your next vacation.

Wyndham Hotels is launching a pilot program called “Reconnected” to help parents and kids reduce their screen time.

The hotel will offer a 5 percent discount to families who sign up. The program includes a kit with an analog camera, blueprint for building blanket forts, reading material and a midnight snack for the entire family.

The hotel will provide guests with a lock-box to put their phones in that will not open until a set time expires, eliminating temptation to check them.

The offer is available starting Friday, Feb. 23 through Sept. 3 and is being tested in Chicago, Clearwater Beach, Fla., Orlando, Fla., Galveston, Texas and Charleston, S.C.

According to Wyndham, 54 percent of kids think their parents check their phones too often, and 32 percent say they feel “unimportant” when parents are distracted by their phones.