Snow melt, not Rib River, causes flooding issues in Marathon

MARATHON, Wis. (WSAW) -- In the past we've seen lots of flooding in Marathon due to the Rib River.

But with the river still frozen, it's the water coming from the melting snow, not the river, causing problems.

"We haven't had really any flooding at all yet. Streets are slowing water and getting in the storm drains which is just what we want them to do,” explained village Administrator Andy Kurtz.

Warm temperatures across the area has the snow disappearing quicker than normal.

"We've probably dropped a foot of snow in two days. Just seeing how the snow pack is and it's just melting too quick and it's starting to overload the systems down stream,” Kurtz said.

So, the Marathon Public Works Department is out clearing storm drains to help prevent flooding

“Right now, our public works department is out working on storm drains around town. We also have some roads that have ditches along them, not all storm systems through the village. So they're trying to open those up so it can get to the river a bit quicker,” he explained.

While flooding is likely at some point, Kurtz said it’s important to be prepared.

“If you’ve got a sump pump in your house just be sure the hose is thawed, open, and flowing. I would I imagine with the rain we've had the sump pumps are running. If you don't have one just be aware of your surrounding especially if you’re down by the river. Just be aware the water could rise at some point,” he explained.

He said right now they’re watching the Rib River, which has water on the ice.

He also said people driving through Marathon need to be careful has high water is on some roads.