History made in 52nd NewsChannel 7 Women's Pinbuster

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The 52nd NewsChannel 7 Women's Pinbuster was one for the history books. Sometimes that phrase can be over-used, one for the history books, but this year truly was.

The state's biggest, richest, longest running one day amateur tournament delivered.

Some were playing their first Pinbuster for the first time, like Becky Brainard from Eagle River.

"A friend of mine, I was bowling with her all this last season," recalled Brainard. "And she asked me to come out and bowl. Thought it would be fun and good chance for competition."

For two others, its a spring rite of passage. Bev Trenkler and Nila Koeller keep their streak alive, rolling in all 52 Pinbuster's.

"I don't know. Just lucky to stay healthy and able to stay and bowl with the family," Trenkler said.

For a few years now, Koeller has thought about giving up the game. She didn't know if she would be here for #52.

"I haven't thought that for about the last 10 years, but I'm stubborn," Koeller said laughing.

While Bev and Nila's streak rolls on, a big one comes to a screaching halt. Never before in the 51 prior Pinbuster's was there a 300 game. Wausau's Diana Witter took care of that with the first perfect game in Pinbuster history.

"It maybe felt OK off of my hand," Witter said. "But as I watched it go down I was getting a little nervous. But it was enough to make it go over and that's all I needed. It was just like, I was like, did it really happen? This is just so awesome."

Heather Giddings from Wittenberg stepped up with 11 strikes in a row, needing one more for a 300, settles for a 295, which goes down as the 2nd best game in Pinbuster history.

Let's hand out some hardware.

Witter's 300 leads to a 755 series, tops for the day in Division 1. In Division 2, Witter's teammate Alicia Rux is the top scorer with a 542.

42 teams competing for more than 4,000 dollars in cash and hardware.

Total Tan finishes in 3rd place, with a 3024.

This year's runner-up, Jen & Tonics. The quintet combines for a score of 3063.

And the 2016 Women's Pinbuster Champion, with the help of the first 300 in history, is Witter's Dairy with a 3130.

"Diana going first, everybody was just excited with her that we just wanted to follow her," said Deb Lewitzke, speaking on behalf of the team. "We had our minds made up that we needed to hit around 1,000 each game. Which we did."

Thank you to all the ladies for participating this year, and we'll see you in 2017 at Rose Bowl Lanes in Marshfield.