High retirement rate, 9 contested sheriffs races throughout north central Wisconsin

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(WSAW) -- Nearly all of the counties in north central Wisconsin are facing contested races for the position of sheriff, with several to be decided in the Aug. 14 primary.

There are nine contested races for sheriff in the NewsChannel 7 viewing area, those being Adams, Clark, Forest, Lincoln, Oneida, Shawano, Taylor, Waupaca, and Wood counties. Sheriff races are partisan, so if there are candidates running in different parties, those races will be decided in November, but most in this region are single-party races.

Wood County is seeing the most unique race of the nine, with two democrats and two republicans, but University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point political science professor Dr. Ed Miller said that is not why it is interesting.

"There's sort of a strange connection between two of the candidates really to gang up on the person who's in the sheriff, the main person in the sheriff's department who is running. And how this is exactly going to work out, I'm not sure because it's a partisan primary," he said.

He is talking about republican Joel Flewellen, a Wisconsin Rapids Police officer running essentially a dual campaign with democrat John Hiller, who is retired from the sheriff’s office. The two are taking on sheriff’s office Patrol Captain Shawn Becker, who is running as a republican, and democrat and current jail administrator, Ted Ashbeck.

Sheriff Tom Reichert is not seeking re-election.

Lincoln County’s race has also gotten some attention. The current sheriff is backing his patrol lieutenant, Ken Schneider who is running against Merrill Police Officer Pete Borchardt. Running both as republicans, their race will be decided next week.

The Taylor County’s sheriff is also not seeking reelection. The republican primary will settle the race between Chief Deputy Larry Woebbeking who is taking on Medford School District Administrator Don Everhard.

Several other races in the area have incumbent sheriffs looking to keep their jobs.

Adams County Sheriff Sam Wollin, running as a democrat, will have to wait until November for his race to be decided as Brent York, an investigator for the sheriff’s office, runs as a republican.

Sheriff Greg Herrick is hoping to hold onto his seat in Clark County as his fate is decided next week in the republican primary as he runs against opponent Scott Haines, a former drug investigator in Eau Claire County and current tractor parts salesman in Granton.

Forest County Deputy Jason Novak will take on sitting Sheriff John Dennee in the republican primary next week.

The Oneida County candidates have a wide variety of backgrounds. The medical examiner for Oneida and Vilas counties, Larry Mathein along with sheriff’s office school resource officer, Greg Gardner are taking on incumbent Sheriff Grady Hartman. Tom Wakely is registered in the constitutional party.

Shawano Police Officer Keith Sorlie is the only one running in the independent party in Shawano County. He will go up against Sheriff Adam Bieber or retired chief deputy, John Gutho in November depending on who wins the primary Aug. 14.

Waupaca also technically has a contested race. Sheriff Brad Hardel was running, but dropped out in June. His name will still appear on the ballot, however. Sgt. Tim Wilz is his only opponent. Should Hardel be voted in, he can accept the position or deny it; if he denies it, the governor will appoint a new sheriff.

Portage County Sheriff Mike Lukas does not have to worry about trying to keep his position this year, but said elections bring a lot of stress not only to the candidate and their families, but the department as well.

"It's a very trying time for the sheriff's office because you don't want to pit people against each other,” he said. “When I ran, I didn't ask for department member support because I didn't want to put them in that position, I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but it does put people in a bad position."

NewsChannel 7 reached out to each candidate running for sheriff. Their statements about why you should vote for them are below, along with links to their campaign websites or pages for more information. Those who have not provided a statement at this time will be added in when one is provided.

Adams County
Sheriff Sam Wollin
I was born and raised in Adams County, graduating from A-F High School in 1994. After graduation, I enlisted in the US Air Force. In 1998 I completed my military service and my wife, Christa, and I returned home to raise our family. I started with the Sheriff’s Office in 1999 and over my 19 years of service, I have held the positions of Jail Officer, Jail Sergeant, Patrol Deputy, Patrol Sergeant, Police School Liaison Officer, and for almost the last 8 years have had the honor of serving as the Sheriff of Adams County.

Since I have been Sheriff, I have operated under budget while maintaining organizational progress to meet the growing needs of our community. We have implemented a community policing philosophy and mission, allowing us to expand our community partnerships. Moving forward, we will continue to use investigative strategy, community partnerships and treatment options to address the drug issues facing our community, as well as continue to foster established community programs and initiatives. I am proud of the progress we have made at the Sheriff's Office and would be grateful to serve another term to continue moving in this positive direction.

Brent York
To the citizens of Adams County, I am a republican candidate for the office of Adams County Sheriff. I am a 22 year veteran of the Adams County Sheriff’s Office where I have held several different positions. I have worked as a dispatcher, jail officer, patrol officer, patrol sergeant, and have been an investigator for the past 11 years. Having worked in most areas of the sheriff’s office I have gained extensive training, education and experience. I have associate degrees in Marketing and Police Science, and a bachelor's degree in Business Management.

My goals as Adams County Sheriff: Employ a problem-oriented policing model to counter the drug problem; Develop community oriented policing where officers will become familiar with their patrol sectors, the residents, business and attend community functions; Improve working environment for sheriff's office employees that will directly impact employee retention; Focus on youth education and programs, increased presence in and around schools; Have open communication with staff and citizens to become aware of community and workplace concerns; Regularly attend town board meetings and community organization events to develop communication with citizens about community concerns and area crime trends; and operate the sheriff's office like a business with fiscal responsibility to the taxpayer. Being a lifelong resident of Adams County has allowed me to develop great relationships with the youth and citizens of Adams County. I look forward to meeting new people and building on current friendships within the community.

Clark County
Scott Haines
Scott worked in law enforcement for 24 ½ years before retiring in March of 2015. Career positions that Scott held while in law enforcement include Dispatcher, Corrections Officer, Patrolman and lastly Drug Investigator, being assigned to the West Central Drug Task Force in Eau Claire. The West Central Drug Task Force is a six county multi-jurisdictional task force which includes the cities of Menomonie, Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls. Through this experience, Scott developed skills in leadership, organization, and communication, which are traits required to be an effective administrator in the Sheriff’s Office.

As your Sheriff, Scott will develop and maintain good working relationships with the Clark County Board Supervisors, build trust with individual Clark County citizens and organizations that law enforcement partners with daily. A main goal as Sheriff will be to fiscally focus on the Clark County Sheriff’s Office budget. Scott’s goal is to reduce the burden on taxpayers by being conservative and avoiding unnecessary spending.

Sheriff Greg Herrick
Greg Herrick has served Clark County for the past 39 years. He comes with experience, leadership, and dedication to the citizens of Clark County.

Forest County
Sheriff John Dennee

Jason Novak
For those of you who are not familiar with me, I am the son of John Novak and Joan Van Cleve. I was born and raised in Forest County and graduated from Laona High School. I then attended Northeast Wisconsin Technical College where I received my Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Upon receiving my degree in 2008, I began my law enforcement career as a Deputy for Forest County Sheriff’s Department. For the past ten years, I have diligently and proudly served our community in order to build and maintain a great working relationship with the people of Forest County. It has become my highest priority and everyday goal to provide the safest environment possible in which we can live and raise our families.

I believe the citizens of Forest County deserve a higher level of fiscal responsibility that will solely benefit the community. I gained the knowledge and importance of being fiscally responsible through being a self-employed logging subcontractor. Being both a Deputy and a taxpayer, I have a few concerns with our current administration that I would like to pay some attention to. Not only do I feel as though personal gains of management are being more heavily considered than the best interest and safety of taxpayers, but members of the community and employees of the department have also personally expressed these same concerns to me. In addition, I also have reservations about the tactics being employed to address the growing opioid epidemic. I believe these tactics need to be redirected in order to combat the dynamic changes our community is facing before they become even more detrimental.

Lincoln County
Pete Borchardt
About 2 ½ years ago, I made a decision to run for Sheriff in Lincoln County. After working closely with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office for the past 20 years and having a true working knowledge of the positive and negative characteristics of the Sheriff’s Office, I want to make a difference. We can do better for the people of Lincoln County. My goal is to improve the services that the Sheriff’s Office provides and to be more cost efficient in doing so. When a Deputy responds to a citizen complaint, the citizen deserves quality professional service every time. Deputies and Detectives should do their very best to keep crime victims and complainants informed as to what is happening with their respective cases; they should also make every effort to solve these cases. Too often a Deputy responds to a citizen complaint, takes the initial information from the reporting party and leaves………and the reporting party never hears back from the Deputy again. As your Sheriff, I will positively change this.

I am a small business owner in Lincoln County, and have been since 2014. I also have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. My opponent does not have business experience, and he has far less education. I have 21 years of Law Enforcement Experience. I have supervised shifts as an Officer in Charge since 2006. Although I am not a Detective by name, one of my strengths is investigating and solving crimes. I was a Drug Abuse Resistance Education Officer from 2004 until 2012, and taught 5th grade DARE in our Merrill Area school system. Lincoln County has a severe drug problem, and I intend to positively change that. Developing better relationships with the City of Merrill Police Department, Tomahawk PD, Division of Criminal Investigations, WI State Patrol, and any other area agencies will only improve communications and information sharing, and ultimately decrease our drug problems through a multi-agency team approach.

Ken Schneider
Ken Schneider was born and raised in Lincoln County on a dairy farm and graduated from Merrill High School in 1982. In 1985 he graduated from Northcentral Technical College with an Associate’s degree in Criminal Justice. In 1990 Ken joined the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office as a Correctional Officer. Prior to that Ken worked at Lincoln Wood Products, Semco, Weinbrenner Shoes, Les & Jim’s, and Wendorff Bus Service. Lt. Schneider, has worked his way through the ranks of the agency and was promoted to the position of Deputy Sheriff in 1993. In 1999 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. He received his supervisory of police personnel training at Northwestern University, a nationally accredited institution in law enforcement education.

Schneider also trained with the FBI’s Law Enforcement Executive Development to further his abilities to lead. Lt. Schneider has served numerous rolls within the Sheriff’s Office during his career. While he currently serves as the senior patrol supervisor, Ken has supervised both the Detective Division and the Telecommunications Division and was the Special Response Team (SWAT) Commander, a position that requires critical decision making during intense situations. He also currently is a certified A.L.I.C.E. trainer working with local schools, businesses, churches, and other groups to provide them with survival skills in the event of an active shooter. “I believe I can provide professional law enforcement services to the citizens and visitors of Lincoln County while continuously applying cost-saving measures. I have the necessary training, education, passion, and supervisory experience required for this position. Being your Sheriff has been a long time goal of mine and one that I have worked and trained for all my career. It will be an honor to serve as your Sheriff.” – Ken Schneider

Oneida County
Greg Gardner
I’m running for Sheriff because some of the choices made by the current leadership in the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office are unacceptable. The citizens and taxpayers of Oneida County deserve better. My platform of Integrity, Experience and Transparency provides the only alternative that will return us to the professional law enforcement conduct I experienced in my early career.

My 24 years as a Deputy and four years in the US Army Military Police make me, without question, the most qualified candidate for the office. My unblemished record of success in the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office is proof of my integrity and work ethic. I intend to provide transparency to the citizens of Oneida County by proposing live-streaming of civil service committee meetings, as well as meetings of all other committees with oversight of the Sheriff’s Office, and I intend to work openly with other law enforcement agencies, news media, and community agencies. Please vote for Greg Gardner on August 14.

Sheriff Grady Hartman
I have decided to seek reelection because I want to continue to serve the citizens of Oneida County as the Sheriff as well as I want to observe and ensure the success of the programs and changes I have implemented over the last five years. When I was originally appointed to the Sheriff’s position in 2013, I brought the fiscal skills I had acquired as a former town supervisor and former school board member. I had been a member of the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office since 1999 and had been promoted to Sergeant in 2006. I had also performed some of the more technical special assignments in the Sheriff’s Office to include the Court Services/Civil Process Sergeant and Special Response Team Leader. I had a working knowledge of the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office and the personnel that worked there. With this knowledge and experience, I began to focus on making the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office a leader amongst law enforcement agencies.

I am the best candidate now because I have spent the last six years proving that I could lead the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office and make Oneida County a safer place to live, work, and play (our moto). I have formed a leadership team that has worked with all employees towards the vision that the employees have created which is, “Serve, protect, and defend people while preserving the rights of all.” We have amazing employees who are doing amazing things. It takes an effective leadership team and an effective leader to make that happen. We have brought new programs to the area that protect and serve the community. We have brought new revenue to the county by housing state inmates and we have done this while not increasing our budget over the last six years. My leadership has done this and I believe this makes me the best candidate for Sheriff. You know I can do the job because I have.

Larry Mathein
I am currently the Chief Medical Examiner for Oneida and Forest Counties, a position where I am responsible for investigating cause and manner of all deaths and running the two departments administratively. Additionally, I have years of experience running large and complex organizations in both public and private sectors.

I have chosen to run for Sheriff of Oneida County because I believe that I have the ability to correct the issues that are impeding the positive work of the Department. I have a proven track record in this area. I am coming in from the outside, which gives me a more objective stance on the department. I bring a fresh and independent perspective, a perspective that only someone from outside the department can bring. I do not owe anyone within the department anything and no one there owes me anything. I am objective. I have three priorities….Community: I would better connect the Sheriff’s Department with the community. Personnel need to be visible in, and an active part of, our community. We need to understand the needs of the entire community and be responsive to them. I believe that having an attitude of “we are all in this together,” promotes better relationships and leads to greatly improved service.
Accountability: We will be as open with our information as is legally and ethically possible. “No comment” will not be the normal answer to inquiries. Respect: I will re-establish positive, collaborative relationships with all public safety agencies; we are all one family and the stronger our bond, the better we all are. I will make certain we are providing the best resources and training we can to our internal family-the staff of the Sheriff’s department, as well as the partners with whom we work.

Tom Wakely
Tom Wakely, a retired Army veteran and former private detective is running for sheriff under the platform of equal justice under the law. He’s a common citizen, not entrenched in the sheriff’s department, not owing special allegiance to unscrupulous powers that be who have run the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office and influenced state legislators for the past 30 years. He’s not affiliated with either the democratic nor republican parties and/or their platforms.

He’s well aware of abuse of power and outright illegal acts by past and present authorities within law enforcement and the justice system itself. Also, tactics carried out by their minions who slip into civic and fraternal organizations to assassinate character and attempt to ruin reputations of those law abiding citizens who take a stand against them. He’s a true and faithful Christian and Catholic, pro-life candidate, who dreads the possibility of unethical judges making life and death decisions. Especially those who suppress valid evidence make foolhardy decisions. Also those who change court records and transcripts in violation of the very laws they swore to uphold. Particularly judges given the power of life and death over those who point out a judge’s own lawlessness, immoral or unethical behavior. Death penalty in Wisconsin? No way! Not by ‘leave no witness!’ ‘Save court cost!’ trigger happy police or deputies either! Some policemen and deputies will maim and murder with impunity. That is – if their superiors (chief of police) (sheriff) and leaders and their communities allow it!

Shawano County
Sheriff Adam Bieber
Adam has served in Law Enforcement for 18 years, four of those years as Sheriff. Adam was elected by Shawano County voters to become Sheriff in 2014 beginning his term in Jan 2015. He is a member of the Hwy Safety Committee and the Drug Court oversight committee. Adam has served 10 years as a Drug Officer in the City of Shawano, and served three years as a Liaison Officer, Adam was the Head Wrestling Coach for Shawano High School for 10 years, and is currently the President of the Shawano Wrestling Club. Adam also coaches youth baseball for the past 8 years. He is a Shawano County Leadership graduate. Adam was born and raised on a Dairy Farm near Coleman Wi. He is a husband of 17 years to his high school sweet heart Amy, and Father of three boys Will (14), West (12) & Wyatt (09), He attends Hope Community Church in Shawano since 2003, He has been an active member of the Shawano County Republican Party since 2014.

Since taking leadership in the Department in 2015 we have repaired relationships and trust with the Public, District Attorney’s Office, and the County Board. In doing so we have moved the department forward and added new services to the public. Every Deputy now has a Body Camera which not only protects our Deputies but also the public. We have implemented a Drug Court, Code Red emergency notification system, online exchange area, Citizens Academy, and a prescription drug drop box. We have partnered with our community members in the interest of public safety and trained them in concealed carry, CPR, Heimlich Maneuver, and self-defense. We believe that an informed/prepared citizen makes our community better for everyone.

John Gutho
I believe I am the best candidate to be the next Sheriff for Shawano County. I've lived in Shawano County my entire life. I've worked for the Sheriff's Office 28 years, the last 9 as Chief Deputy. I have many years of budget and personnel management. I know what the people of the County want. They want to be safe in their homes, they want their children to be safe in their schools and they want a Sheriff's Office that is honest and responsive to their needs.
I believe honesty and integrity is the backbone of any law enforcement officer and his or her department. That is what I will bring to the Office of the Sheriff, Honesty and Integrity. Not only for myself, but for all employees of the office. Because we work for all of the citizens of the County. Working together we can make Shawano County safer for everyone.

Keith Sorlie
I am a candidate for Shawano County Sheriff because I want to be a servant leader for the employees of the Shawano County Sheriff’s Office and for the citizens of Shawano County. My hope is that, by giving my teammates at the Sheriff’s Office my trust and my support, we will create a positive working environment that leads to increased employee morale, increased employee retention, and better service to the citizens of Shawano County.

As Sheriff, I will ask the county board to rescind the raise that was granted to the Sheriff beginning in 2019 and request that the money be redistributed to the employees of the Shawano County Sheriff’s Office. I will seek to eliminate duplicating services that are already offered by other agencies. I will try to make the most of the resources available to the agency by looking for innovative ways to save time and money. Finally, I will seek to end the loss of valuable employees by sitting down with them and having conversations about the policies and practices of the agency. I think that it is important to add that I am running as an independent candidate because I believe that it is important for me to be responsible to the people of Shawano County and not to a political party.

Taylor County
Don Everhard
I believe I'm the right choice for the sheriff's position for several reasons. The sheriff's department for the past 30 plus years has continued the tradition of promoting from within. This has stifled growth of new ideas and it has kept the department from growing. I have a college degree as well as a masters and I'm licensed as an Administrator. My current employment is as an Administrator for the Medford school district. I was a graduate of the Law Enforcement academy in the past and I did work as a deputy and I did undercover narcotics work in another county. I continue to wear many hats, I have my own safety business and I have trained employees in every county in Wisconsin as well as other states. I'm currently the Human Services crisis worker and I do most of the after hour calls regarding mental health issues and chapter 51.15 detentions. In this role I currently work hand and glove with law enforcement. I feel my background in administration, social work, safety and law enforcement will result in me being a well-rounded and knowledgeable sheriff. I'm very active in the community and this involvement bridges the gap between law enforcement and the public which so often exists.

Larry Woebbeking
I have been with the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department for 30 years. During my 30 years of service for Taylor County I have worked almost every position the department has to offer. Positions worked: Jailer, Dispatcher, Patrol Deputy, Detective, Patrol Sergeant, Swat Commander, Chief Deputy

Having worked all these position over the 30 years I have served Taylor county has given me a unique prospective on the department and the community we serve , no other candidate shares this experience and back ground . Having worked in the jail the detective bureau and road operations plus the administrative and budgetary experience with the department allows me to have a good overall understanding of the entire operation. Being a Sheriff is not a learn as you go position, a Sheriff is a mentor, a teacher, and in a department this size is also called upon to make qualified law enforcement decisions along with smart budgetary decisions as well. Along with being a good manager a Sheriff should be a qualified law enforcement officer to make good sound decisions and minimize liabilities to the citizen of Taylor County. A Sheriff should be a liaison between law enforcement and the community, if elected it will be important for me to have the Sheriff’s department involved in the community. Be involved in local events like the fair, local car show, local benefit walks and other community based events. In our modern day and age law enforcement and communities have become disconnected but I feel it’s important to know each other. Officers should know the people they serve and the people should know the officers who serve their community. The better part of my adult life has been in public service to Taylor County, it’s more than a job it’s a passion and commitment to serve.

Waupaca County
Tim Wilz
I have served the residents of Waupaca County for the past 27 years as a law enforcement officer. I received an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Fox Valley Technical College. I started my service to our county residents as a Part Time Patrol Officer with the City of Manawa Police Department in 1991. In 1995 I accepted the position with the Waupaca County Sheriff’s Office as a Corrections Officer. After 9 months I was given the opportunity to serve as Transport Deputy until I accepted the position as Patrol Deputy in 1997 and was promoted to Patrol Sergeant in 2007.

During my time as a Patrol Deputy I was Field Training Officer. As a Patrol Sergeant and Supervisor my duties expanded to Trainer and Training Coordinator for the Sheriff’s Office. I oversee the Snowmobile, ATV and Boat Patrols’ for our Sheriff’s Office. I have received multiple certifications in Leadership Training. For the past 4 years I have been serving as a board member on the Law Enforcement Officer’s Training Association of Wisconsin Inc. (LEOTA). If elected as Sheriff I am committed to confront the challenges we face today with keeping our Schools, Businesses and Families safe. It is my mission to strengthen community ties through public service initiatives with safety training and education for citizens. My commitment is to implement policies and procedures to ensure an efficient and effective budget using the citizens of Waupaca County dollars wisely.

Wood County
Ted Ashbeck
I began my law enforcement career in Wood County as a Reserve Deputy. I continued with the City of Shawano, working in patrol, as a Field Training Officer, a Sensitive Crime Investigator and Crime Scene Technician before returning to Wood County in 2006, working on the road as a Patrol Deputy, on the SRT Team, an accident reconstructionist and trained as a computer crimes investigator; then moving into the jail as a Sergeant, later being promoted to my current position as Jail Administrator.
In addition to my Law Enforcement experience, I have worked in the private sector where I excelled by developing business plans, budgets and managing facilities of multi-million-dollar corporations. Both in Shawano and in Wood County, I drew on my management experience to find ways to use existing budget and resources for the greatest good. I have dedicated myself to providing the highest level of service throughout my career, and as a working Sheriff, will work in partnership with the community to ensure the highest quality of life and safety for its citizens.

Shawn Becker
I have over 25-years of law enforcement experience, with the majority being with the Wood County Sheriff’s Department. I started my career with the Sheriff’s Department as a deputy in 1997. During my career with the Sheriff’s Department I have held various leadership positions. I was a field training officer, traffic crash reconstructionist, neighborhood watch coordinator and shift commander. Sheriff Kurt Heuer promoted me to Patrol Sergeant in 2003. With this promotion I was responsible for supervising deputies countywide on my assigned shift. Sheriff Tom Reichert promoted me to Investigator Sergeant in 2005. In 2010, I was again promoted to Patrol Lieutenant with management responsibilities of the entire patrol division. My most recent promotion was to Patrol Captain in 2015. As captain, I am responsible for overseeing the patrol division, patrol lieutenants, patrol budget and special response team.

I’m a strong believer we as law enforcement officers need to be involved in the community. I take pride in being part of the Wisconsin Rapids Aqua Skiers, Lincoln High School Football Coach and board member of the Kellner Knights Snowmobile Club. Furthermore, I have been supporting the Special Olympics for several years by participating in several fundraising events. In the past 2 years, our Polar Plunge Team from the Sheriff’s Department has raised the most money out of any law enforcement in the State. Based upon my leadership experience at many levels at the Sheriff’s Department, community involvement and with support of my family, I know I am qualified to be the next Sheriff of Wood County. I look forward to working with community members, and law enforcement partners to implement mental health initiatives, and combat the drug epidemic. I’ve demonstrated that I can manage a fiscally responsive budget and make sound decisions. Every year since I have been in a management role we have not only made budget but we gave money back to the county.

Joel Flewellen
My name is Joel Flewellen. I'm running to be the next Wood County Sheriff. I have 27 years of experience in law enforcement with the last 23 1/2 years with the Wisconsin Rapids Police Department. I'm currently a Lieutenant in command of day shift. I have worked my way up through the Department. I started as a patrolman, school safety officer, Sergeant, and now my current Lieutenant position.

I obtained an Associate Degree in Police Science in 1991. From 1998-2000 while working full-time and raising a family I also obtained a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Mount Senario College. I also have completed UW-Madison Certified Public Manager Program and also completed Northwestern University School of Police Staff and Command. My training, experience, numerous in-service updates, along with common sense decision making makes me a very effective police leader. Some issues in my campaign are combating the opioid issue in our area, looking at several cold cases in Wood County, solving issues (both personnel and inmate issues that currently exist) in the jail, and bringing positive change in Wood County.

John Hiller
I graduated from Marshfield Senior High school. After high school I obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. After graduating from UWSP I received a Presidential Commission in the United States Army where I served in South Korea and Colorado. I also have served in the Wisconsin and Indiana National Guard reaching the rank of Captain and serving as a Battery Commander. Separating from active duty I joined the Indianapolis Police Department and served five years as a patrolman and a Field Training Officer. I resigned from the Indianapolis Police Department so I could move home to Wisconsin. I began my career with the Wood County Sheriff Department as a Reserve Deputy, serving in the position for two years. During this time, I also worked part time for the Stratford Police Department. I was honored to be hired as a full time deputy by the Wood County Sheriff’s Department where I served as a Patrol Deputy, and as a Patrol Sergeant. I held positions as a department Field Training Officer, a Reserve Deputy Administrator, and an Emergency Response/Crisis Intervention Negotiator and as the Wood County Deputy Association President. I served 20 years on the Wood County Sheriff Department prior to retiring in 2017.