Hello My Name Is: Jennifer Wendler

Published: Nov. 19, 2018 at 5:59 PM CST
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Jennifer Wendler

What do you like most about playing basketball?

Jennifer Wendler: "I just like being with my teammates. They're so fun to be around and it's a really great environment."

Favorite athlete?

"Michael Jordan. Because he's such a great player. I mean, he started out with nothing and he got so far in the world by being dedicated."

Favorite sport other than basketball?

"Definitely track."

Favorite actor/actress?

"Zac Efron. *what's your favorite Zac Efron project?* High School Musical."

Favorite movie?

"The Greatest Showman."

Favorite musician?

"Post Malone."

Favorite dessert?

"Probably chocolate cake or chocolate cupcakes."

If you could have dinner with any person in history, who would it be and why?

"Probably George Washington maybe. Because he was our first president and it would be cool to see what it was like back then."

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

"Speed. Like be super speedy for basketball reasons. It would be cool to run circles around everyone!"

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