Hello My Name Is: Bryce Huettner

Published: Nov. 5, 2018 at 3:41 PM CST
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What's your favorite part about football?

Bryce Huettner: "I just love being a part of the team. There's nothing better than getting your guys in the locker room and you just work together for one common goal all year. It's just so rewarding the relationships you make with everybody on the team. It lasts a lifetime. It really does."

Who's your favorite football player?

"Probably have to go with Bo Jackson. Just because he played a bunch of sports, just a power running back. Just fast and could run people over. I'm definitely no Bo Jackson but I try to be like him you know?"

Favorite sport to play besides football?

"Probably hockey. I'm not very good at it anymore, but I just love playing it's something I've played since I was very young but it's awesome."

Favorite actor/actress?

"Probably Seth Rogan, because his laugh is one of a kind and he's been in a bunch of funny movies."

Favorite musician?

"That's a tough one. Probably Drake. That's an easy answer, but he puts out a lot of good songs."

Favorite movie?

"I have a ton of them. People are probably going to make fun of me for it but I'm a Disney person. Anything Disney, it's awesome. Love it. I could sit down and watch Disney movies all day."

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