Hello, My Name Is... Abby Gemza

Published: Jun. 4, 2018 at 5:56 PM CDT
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SPASH junior Abby Gemza has helped lead the Panthers to a Wisconsin Valley Conference title and regional title. Let's get to know her in Hello, My Name Is.

Why do you love soccer?

Abby Gemza:

"I love having a second family. Yeah, you have your core, at-household family, but this is like, you can just giggle and have fun, succeed together kind of thing. I really love the unity that it brings."

Love any other sports?

"I love every sport, honestly. I could watch golf. I'm just a huge sports fan. I love going out like on a Saturday to watch basketball or something fun. I think next year I'm going to kick for the football team, so hopefully, we'll see. Cross your fingers, that'll be fun. Senior year hoorah kind of thing."

Favorite subject in school?

"I know math is not really a huge one, but when I understand math, I just love it. I just clicks. It's like soccer, a pass to a foot, you get it. 2+2=4, it just makes sense to me."

Plans after high school?

"Definetly college. I want to see where college takes me in that aspect. I'm really good at talking. I love to be in front of people. I think I'm going to go into communications and something in sports because I really enjoy that."

Three things you'd want on a deserted island?

"A person, I would need that. A box of matches, I like to be warm. And, I'd say gum. It just keeps you occupied. If you're hungry, you chew gum and forget about it."

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