Heavy rainfall impacts city streets, Wisconsin River flow

Published: Sep. 11, 2019 at 3:25 PM CDT
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Torrential rainfall on Wednesday kept the city of Wausau busy ensuring streets were clear for drivers. "We have crews that our out patrolling right now. They go through and check any creek grates and make sure those grates stay clean so our water can flow through our storm sewers," explained Jason Quade, Street Supervisor for Wausau Public Works.

As the city removed leaves and debris from sewer drains to keep water flowing, the Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company is working to make sure the river is ready for all the extra water. "We are going to see some significant increases in river flow. I expect that we see well above normal flows within the next 24-72 hours," said Peter Hanson, vice president of the Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company.

With more rain on the way comes more planning. "We work with the national weather service and their forecasts. We also have conference calls with all the dam owners along the Wisconsin river to plan and prepare," said Hanson.

As more heavy rain is expected on Thursday, Hanson asks that you stay away from the river.

If you have issues with water on the street you are asked to call your local public works department. "Call down and we can help alleviate those problems. A lot of the times it is just a plugged catch basin and we can alleviate that and get the water into our drainage system," said Quade.