Health effects of bad posture

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- Most people sit for the majority of their day. But all that sitting, if not done properly can lead to serious health issues in the future.

Businesswoman Sitting In Wrong Posture Working On Laptop On Wooden Office Desk

Chiropractors advise that you try and be mindful throughout your day when working, lounging or walking around how you carry yourself. Slouching regularly can lead to nerve damage or back problems. Meanwhile moving your neck forward when relaxing or looking at your phone can restrict up to 30% of lung capacity, leading to asthma problems later in life.

"The big thing there is how is that impacting your health as well? It's not just visual or an aesthetic type thing. It's impacting your health from a muscular-skeletal standpoint,” Travis Diederich with Spring into Life Chiropractic said.

Diederich suggests trying to sit upright or keep busy throughout the day for good skeletal health. If you do lounge or sit a lot he said to try and use pillows to support your lower back or knees when laying on the couch. Diederich also said to keep both feet flat on the floor when working at a computer with your body at a 90% angle.