Hatley neighborhood among those hit by flooding

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A Hatley neighborhood next to a farmers field is among those impacted by flooding.

Water overflowed from a 15 foot deep ravine meant to collect the water and into the residents' back yards and eventually inside their homes.

Homeowner Becky Onesti says it was originally a manageable situation, but turned disastrous in a matter of minutes, "I just came home to 5 inches of water in my basement yesterday and I could hear some water running in, and I was feeding my baby at the time, and my windows in the basement busted. Before I knew it I had 5 feet of water. They were above my outlets and my light switch. It was just a scary situation."

Onesti said her husband wasn't home at the time and if it weren't for the help of neighbors and her brother, who knows how this would have ended.

She's now on a waiting list for someone to come and clean out the basement.

Her insurance company told her it would be a couple days before they make it to her to assess the damage.