Grocery stores make extra efforts on top of CDC guidelines

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- Grocery stores in the area remain open, welcoming community members through their doors to get necessitates.

Lambs Fresh Market in Wausau asks customers to not use reusable bags and follow CDC guidlines while shoppin on. (WSAW Photo).

While the CDC has assigned a list of precautions for grocery stores to follow, many in the area like Lambs Fresh Market are taking extra steps to help stop the spread of disease.

Last week the store, along with many others in the area adjusted their business hours, closing two hours early to deep clean the store before opening the next day. This includes sanitizing all shopping carts, baskets, pin pads and counters.

Stores are also offering senior hours for older people or those with weaker immune systems to shop the store before the rest of the public.

Along with staying six feet from each other lambs is encouraging patrons to thoroughly wash their produce with soap and to leave their reusable grocery bags at home.

"I know we are all trying to save the planet that is a top priority but right now we are trying to save the human race right? We are going to try to save grandma and grandpa so please please please leave your disposable bags at home,” Gary Rockwell the Lambs Fresh Market Director of Perishable Foods said.

The market is also offering complimentary gloves to customers at the service desk to use while shopping.

Roundy’s grocery stores are also taking extra measures marking the floor with tape for social distancing at registers and are in the process of sourcing Plexiglas at counters to separate associates and customers.

They have also given employees extra breaks to wash hands and clean the front end of the store every thirty minutes.

Rockwell said while grocery stores are making extra efforts it is ultimately up to shoppers to take precaution and not shop if sick.