Greenhouses plan for busy season if pandemic continues

Hands holding a sapling.
Hands holding a sapling.(WHSV)
Published: Apr. 2, 2020 at 7:52 PM CDT
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The folks are Rib Mountain Greenhouse say they're considered an essential business because they're part of the agriculture industry.

Remember, most of the rules are fluid as the virus and pandemic continue to evolve.

At the greenhouse, they're hoping it will be on the downslide by the time they open for the season in early May.

But just in case we're still in full crisis, they're growing some plans for curbside pick up of plants or a small number of people in the store at one time.

For customers who have their pots and baskets refilled every year, it's been business as usual.

The main thing is to stay in touch says Tina Spiegel, "everyone that we've spoken with or had messeging on Facebook with or emails have been very appreciative. Maybe a little apprehensive, because it's an unknown. But we also know that, the more communication we can have with our customers, the better."

Tina says for most of us who just get flowers for our pots and maybe veggies for our gardens every year, just sit tight right now. We still have a month to go before they open.

She does suggest going to their website or Facebook, page to check out what plants they have. That way if the pandemic is still going strong and you're unable to shop there the old fashioned way, you'll know what plants they have available if transactions have to be done on the phone.