Greater Wausau Young Professionals Conference draws dozens of people

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- Wausau needs to get the word out about why it's a great place for young professionals. That's one of the main points Tuesday at the Greater Wausau Young Professionals Conference.

The day-long event was put on by the Wausau Region Chamber of Commerce and Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce. It gives employers the chance to show how committed they are to professional development and to hear from young professionals about what they're thinking.

"Wausau is a special place. You have some incredible companies, some great industries, some great assets, but you're not really telling your story, especially to the outside world. So, being able to attract young people and keep them here, you have to have something that brings people together and makes them feel like this is a unique place and what's unique about it and we can communicate that," said John Karras, the keynote speaker from Atlas Integrated.

A panel of young professionals also spoke about living in Wausau. One grew up here, one moved away and moved back and the third never lived here before moving here.