Governor-elect meets with students to discuss careers in construction

COLOMA, Wis. (WSAW) -- Governor-elect Tony Evers says the transition between Governor Walker's cabinet and his cabinet is going over smoothly.

Evers met with more than 500 students from 48 school districts at Joseph J. Goetz Training Center. He said he was glad this one of his first stops as the Governor-elect because he enjoys meeting the future workforce.

Evers met with high school students who plan to explore a career in the construction industry. During his opening remarks, he mentioned how infrastructure has always been one of his top priorities and that students pursuing a career in engineering will always have his support as the next governor.

“I couldn't be more happy to visit with them. A lot of people are excited about careers after high school. So that's what we want and obviously, this is a good career for people to be in as we move forward to make our infrastructure stronger in Wisconsin,” Ever said.

Evers also said he hasn't decided yet on his replacement for State Superintendent of Public Schools. He plans to operate in that role until he is sworn in as governor. Then, he will appoint someone for that position.