Funeral homes adjust services for gathering limitations

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW)-- With limited gathering restrictions, funeral homes are finding ways to help families mourn their loved one.

The Brainard Funeral Home and Cremation Center has been working with families to web-cast private viewings on their website for family members not able to join the funeral in person. The business has also made DVD’s for family members to view afterwards.

While steaming services isn’t new for the business, it is being utilized now more than ever.

Lucas Gajewski the Funeral Director for the Brainard Funeral Home said because of social distancing, people are grieving harder than usual. He suggests reaching out to mourning friends and family now more than ever with a simple phone call or text to show support

"The families that we are serving are definitely doing something that they don't want to do again, put in the middle of a pandemic, it heightens things. It's hard for them to not feel alone at this time. So anything the community can do, send a text. We can hug later but at least give them a phone call,” Gajewski said.

While some may want to postpone funerals or wait until things are back to normal, Gajewski recommends not waiting as a proper funeral is a big part of the mourning process, and it is uncertain as to when regular services will be able to be held again.