Former coach Jack Bennett reflects on nephew Tony's National Championship win

Published: Apr. 11, 2019 at 8:16 PM CDT
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As the final seconds ticked away on Virginia's incredible season, a family watched on, as Wisconsin native Tony Bennett lead his Cavaliers to their first National Championship.

His uncle, legendary coach Jack Bennett, was there.

"Just the aura of the Final Four in and of itself is amazing," Bennett said. "But when you have a loved one who's coaching one of the teams, it makes it extremely special."

It was a moment made even more special when you consider that the Cavaliers went from being defeated by a 16 seed one year, to winning the entire tournament the next.

"It was more adjustment from the neck up, and those players had to come back knowing they're going to be asked about that upset loss, but we're going to stay together and we're going to be a better basketball team down the road. They certainly were this year," Bennett said.

On a day where we often see NBA coaches get the axe, does Bennett see his nephew someday coaching a professional team?

"I do know the college game is still more of a coach/player game. Pro game is mainly player, and I think Tony does like where he's at, especially after last weekend."

With Tony's National Championship win, the legend of the Bennett family grows. But how does Jack feel about being a part of what some consider "The First Family of Basketball" in Wisconsin?

"That's a little embarrassing, there's so many great families. This state has offered us the opportunity to do what we love and basketball through the ups and the downs, through the agony and the ecstasy has been very kind to the Bennett family, and all I know is we're very grateful and I think we have to count our blessings."

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